« L’efficacité à portée de main » : it is our signature that we want to translate and carry out daily with our clients, our staff, our suppliers, our bankers and our partners.

This performance goes through the quality of our products and services, an appropriate and personalized advice to each client, the valorization of women and men who make the wealth of TAL COMPUTER GROUP. The work we have been doing since 2013 with the implementation of ambitious strategic projects continues to bear fruit. Our company now has four branches. We will soon be present in the economic city Douala and the other cities of Cameroon.

With the aim of imposing ourselves as a distributor in Cameroon, we want to position ourselves as the leader of paper and computer consumables in CEMAC. For the past 05 years, we have been developing our social responsibility for the benefit of the Cameroonian economy and society with a constant concern to be at the highest standards of quality, be it our organization, our products and services, the reception of our customers, our information system, the management of our human resources, the management of the fiscal resource…

And we give ourselves the means of our ambitions: we develop our network of agencies at the number of 04 at the end of 2018 and 08 by 2020; we have changed the information system, we have increased the training of our employees, we have deepened our expertise in management and management. Our contract with the consulting firm in accounting and taxation ensures the sustainability of our activities.

It’s thanks to the trust of our customers and our national and international partners that we will continue the development of the TAL COMPUTER GROUP  which, at the dawn of its 5 years, renews all its ambitions of great distributor at the service of Cameroonians and of the country’s economy.

Isidore TALLA